1. City Scene


  2. "Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep"
    — Meech (Flatbush Zombies)

  3. ozonebabys-temple:

    Zen Habits Live Simply


    1. Do one thing at a time. This rule (and some of the others that follow) will be familiar to long-time Zen Habits readers. It’s part of my philosophy, and it’s also a part of the life of a Zen monk: single-task, don’t multi-task. When you’re…



  4. "Your existence is greater than your thought"
    — Indian Spiritual Guru
  5. Teach me Buddha ~
    Be at peace within and create harmony around you. Love and send out good vibrations into the universe so that inturn good vibrations will come back to you. No one is inferior or neither superior to the universe. You are created with your own uniqueness by God, and in harmony every beautiful mind can come together to achieve transcendence, peace, and satisfaction.


  6. "You got to be hardcore and head strong like a Taurus in order to whip your soul mind into shape. Its hard but you understand the purpose of your life when you learn how to exercise disciple. Don’t live for yourself, human ego us a selfish construction made by society."
    — Nequita
  7. The Dark ₩itch of the night. Mysterious B€aut¥ ♡ ♥

    from the movie I just filmed ~ Garden Party

  8. "The best thing to do is always move forward with a positive attitude. I’ve learned the hard way that your attitude in life is everything, it determines who you become and what fruits you’ll reep in out of life. Now I choose to be happy, strong, amd grateful regardless of my circumstances."
    — Nequita
  9. Some inspirational Quotes from Deepak Chopra

  10. Einstein ~